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As electric vehicles continue to make up a larger share of the automotive

marketplace, auto brands,governments, and consumers have identified

one aspect noticeably absent from these vehicles -- sound. 

BMW has long been at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Since 2009, acoustic engineers from the BMW Group have been

working on artificially-generated sound for electric vehicles.

They aimed to satisfy increased legal and safety regulations but

still lacked that audible connection back to drivers who have

grown accustomed to the sounds of their automobiles. 

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To reinvigorate the experience between driver and electric vehicle, BMW created the revolutionary BMW IconicSounds Electric initiative; a visionary sound offer created to underline the emotional aspect of future electrified vehicles. BMW Sound Designer Renzo Vitale had already started to develop new sound concepts and there was no better partner for this project than the Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer, HANS ZIMMER

The pioneering partnership aims to create harmony between 

the driver and the electric vehicle. “Sound has always played 

an important role in the emotionalization of our vehicles. Now 

we are taking the joy of sheer driving pleasure to a new level 

and are particularly pleased to be working with Hans Zimmer 

to create the new sound world of electric mobility at BMW,” 

says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President, BMW Brand. 

The IconicSounds Electric program is a statement 

for the driver – and so is its sound. 

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The IconicSounds Electric program debuted the partnership through the sound of the Vision M NEXT vehicle

at its world premiere at #NEXTGen in Munich. The development and composition for the sound of the Vision M NEXT was mainly inspired by light installations from prominent visual artists James Turrell and Ólafur Elíasson. The idea behind the Vision M NEXT is to recreate this sense of wonder through sound. While there were countless press

talking points throughout the event, the press was keenly drawn to the IconicSounds Electric elements specifically. 

The initiative sparked online conversation and positive feedback from the automotive industry and its fans,

as well as media outlets across the globe. Features about Zimmer, Vitale, and IconicSounds Electric

were written in multiple languages all over the world. The Vision M NEXT and its groundbreaking

audio were major talking points throughout #NEXTGen, helping to drive the initiative forward with

increased anticipation. ABC News acknowledged there was “much fanfare” surrounding the launch.

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The second major vehicle integration was the all-electric BMW Concept i4. Driving or riding in
the BMW Concept i4 is a multi-sensory experience, including a soundscape exclusive to BMW
that brings a new ambiance to the world of electric vehicles - all while generating zero local
emissions. “We have an extraordinary opportunity to turn electric driving in a BMW into a
very special experience with the help of great sounds,” says Zimmer. The Concept i4 was
slated to debut at the Geneva Motorshow in early 2020. However, after the show’s sudden
cancellation due to public health concerns, BMW pivoted to a much-anticipated online debut.
The sound topic was an exciting highlight of the live press conference  debut. The majority
of the press coverage of the Concept i4 featured the sound of the vehicle and BMW’s
partnership with Hans Zimmer. WIRED Magazine chose to do an entire feature on
Zimmer, Vitale, and the Concept i4 sound.








   - Renzo Vitale

 While the Vision M Next and Concept i4 are not on the road yet,

 BMW owners will soon be able to experience the joy of

 IconicSounds Electric in their own vehicles. The ready-to-drive

 sound – developed by Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale – for

 all-electric BMW models and plug-in hybrids will be introduced

 as a standard feature worldwide in July 2020.

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The groundbreaking IconicSounds Electric initiative doesn’t just focus on vehicle sounds; it focuses on innovation within sound. One of the highlights of CES 2020
was the BMW i Interaction EASE concept which offered a glimpse into the future featuring a soundscape which was developed with Hans Zimmer. Not only is the
cabin meant to give passengers the feeling of having already arrived at their
destination while still en route, it underscores the potential of intuitive, almost
human-like interaction between passenger and vehicle. The challenge was to
use sound to turn the EASE moment into an authentic and emotional experience.
The sound of the BMW i Interaction EASE demonstrates the breadth of
the partnership between Hans Zimmer and BMW IconicSounds Electric.

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Zimmer was also featured in the BMW Welt’s Future Forum exhibit, which gave visitors a glimpse at the cities of tomorrow. Munich’s BMW Welt, or BMW World, is the top tourist destination in Munich. The exhibit brought visionaries together to demonstrate what our future world could look and sound like. Zimmer was enlisted to envision audible characteristics of future cities, which will likely
be drastically different than today. A similar experience
traveled to several major auto shows around the world.

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Zimmer and Vitale composed each of the sounds from Zimmer’s world-famous studios in Los Angeles and London. Zimmer then joined BMW at the Welt for the announcement of IconicSounds Electric and the launch of the

Vision M Next in mid-2019. 

On the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show’s opening (and of the announcement of Zimmer’s latest Grammy nomination), Zimmer and BMW Group hosted dozens of media outlets in a set of intimate fireside discussions

from his studio in Los Angeles. They also unveiled the initial results of the collaboration and announced the

long-term partnership. Attendees weregranted the rare opportunity to meet Zimmer and get a

behind-the-scenes tour of his office and studios. 

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This campaign continues to tremendously impact the automotive world. The initiative has spearheaded an

industry-wide movement for electric vehicle sounds. IconicSounds Electric first launched the conversation

and has continued to push the envelope in EV sound integration. The New York Times writes,

“The German carmaker isn’t alone in seeking ways to fill in the sonic voids that are inherent

in electric cars. Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have assigned development teams to work

toward similar ends for their electrics, as have Jaguar, Nissan, General Motors and others.”

The Times was quick to point out one key element that sets BMW apart from the others, writing,

“BMW is alone in hiring a composer with Mr. Zimmer’s repertoire, and this work is a labor

of love for the German-born musician.”

The initiative has garnered hundreds-of-millions of earned media impressions, social media viral

content, and was even featured on CNN’s Brand Studio on innovation. Elements of the campaign

have gone viral with thanks to automotive influencers like Supercar Blondie with videos

featuring the vehicles, and content from Zimmer himself. 

“Over the years, the sound of our vehicles has enthused and accompanied millions of people.

We are very excited about the exceptional chance of creating the sounds for BMW’s electric

mobility together with Hans Zimmer. Thereby we can charge future emotions of our customers

worldwide and redefine sheer driving pleasure,” said Stefan Ponikva, VP Brand Experience.



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